The Value Matrix

The purpose of the Value Matrix is to help you “know thy self” so that you can best discover where your ability lies. The fundamental belief is that each of us is unique, with different gifts to do good works. 

Remember there is only ONE of you!

Some of us are made to “swim” and others made to climb trees, but unfortunately for most of us, we never had the chance to discover what we are made to do and just kept moving forward along with the current that keeps moving fast. There are some who land in situations where the areas of work, the team and the environment best allows their gifts to be deployed.

Either through luck, personal instinct, or perhaps they took time to discover and clarify. These are people who are fishes placed in the water to swim. They could operate at their best and are deemed talented or are appreciated to have great attitude.

Not everyone falls into that situation we just described and are stuck in a rugged where they are fishes made to climb trees. And afterwards judged as being incompetent, lack of good attitude or even “slow” or “stupid”. And this creates a belief in that person his/ her life is ruin. Ultimately, every individual is unique. And since we will be spending a lot of time as ourselves, wouldn’t it be a great idea to take some time to discover who you really are so you can better choose your path:

Know Thyself

What makes you tick and unleash your potential, and what areas do you need others to compliment you with.

Know Thy Team

How you best work in a team and what roles you should take on to best contribute.

Know Thy Value

What possible areas/ career allow you to best create value and shine?

Know Thy Money

What investment profile are you and which strategy should you adopt?

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