Secrets of the AMAZON Best Seller

Discover how to publish a #1 bestseller on Amazon to build your brand, dominate your niche and outperform your competitors

The self-publishing dragon flies high in the sky, seemingly going where it wants, when it wants. Here’s a secret: that’s not quite true. You see, there are ways to control the dragon, steering that magnificent beast where you want to go.

In Self-Publishing Mastery, Justin Chua doesn’t just show you how to steer the proverbial self-publishing dragon…

He teaches you how to ride it and Elevate your stories to a new level.

In this course, you’ll learn:

• How to sculpt an eager audience who yearns for your next book (Why let those established self-pubbers have all of the fun?)

• The real way to know when to write a sequel (and when to let a well-loved story enjoy retirement on the beach)

• The best platforms to use for your self-publishing journey

• How to turn sizzling stories into ongoing sales (without feeling like an extra on Boiler Room)

• A consistent way to overcome the roadblocks that keep your dreams from turning into a reality
If you take no action, nothing happens. You will remain a reader instead of becoming an author. Don’t leave it to chance. Justin Chua’s frontline, in-the-trenches experience will allow you to harness the power of the self-publishing dragon for a lifetime.

What Will I Learn:


How to publish a quality book with little or no money down by leveraging on a world class team of freelancers


Tips and Techniques to produce endless stream of content within 48 hours


Kickstart your automated system of turning leads into sales and raving fans online and offline

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